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About Us

Join us on a sweet adventure of discovery and delight as we share the stories behind our honey, our commitment to community, and the magic of The Bay of Islands’ natural environment.

A small business with a big impact

We have been beekeeping in Te Tai Tokerau, the Far North of Aotearoa, New Zealand, for nearly 20 years.  Our apiaries are situated in the clean air of Waima, Whangaroa and nestled in some divinely special places around Paihia and the Bay of Islands where we live.


We are a small beekeeping business with a philosophy of treating our bees as part of our family, not an industrial operation with an endless growth mantra.  We have small apiaries of around 16 colonies - this makes the sites easily manageable and prevents overstocking for the nectar sources within flying distance of our bees.  


We have permanent apiaries and very rarely move our hives.

We use minimal supplementary feed by ensuring that we leave more than enough honey stores to get our bees through the winter months.  This reduces stress, for us as well as the bees, and provides quality food when it's most important.


Protecting our native wildlife

Honey Paihia have been supporting Bay Bush Action, a conservation trust

operating in the forest surrounding Paihia, for over a decade. 


Over the years, Honey Paihia has donated time, money and honey to help Bay Bush Action protect the native birds, lizards and insects that live in the forest and we have seen a massive increase in native species as a result of this help.



Manuka in Paihia 

We regularly share our delicious honey with visitors and locals at our store and at the popular Paihia markets - if you've been to Paihia it's highly likely you've seen us! 

We love this in person opportunity to share not only the story and detail about our Manuka Honey and all of its benefits but also relish the chance to get everyone trying a sample - once you taste it, you'll know why!

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